Juice to Be Squeezed?

We all have a little unwritten list of people that we wish would disappear from public life and never be seen again. We're tired of them, sick and damn tired. And one name appears commonly on many people's lists: O.J. Simpson, acquitted murderer and former football star.

Unfortunately for us all, he's back in the news again. It looks like the justice system is going to have another crack at him, a dozen years after he was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife and a waiter at the restaurant where she had eaten prior to the murder, despite a plethora of evidence of his guilt. The good news for those who like to see justice done is that this time, O.J. is unlikely to get a mostly minority jury; nobody is likely to say, "Well, we've been suffering for injustice from white folks for centuries, so just this once, let's let the minority guy off, no matter whether he did it or not."

Today's background music: Mojo Nixon's "Orenthal James Was A Mighty Bad Man," from his The Real Sock Ray Blue CD. Dig it.